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Blue Ox Boxes are sturdy, economical storage containers for HO train cars.  Each fully assembled box is made of 0.035” thick chipboard with glued corners and a slide on lid that completely covers and protects the car. The chipboard lid is covered in navy matte paper and slides off easily due to a finger cutout on each side. Each box comes with two pieces of 1/2” thick grey foam, 1.5" wide and the length of the box, to cut and pack around the train car, and one preprinted end label.


All Blue Ox Boxes are 2.5" wide and 1.5" deep, but come in 8", 10", 12", and 14" lengths to accept most HO freight and passenger cars with couplers attached.  (We apologize but, right now, only the 8" and 14" lengths are available.  The 10" and 12" lengths are being produced.)  Since the boxes are standard sizes, they all stack neatly for storage.

8" boxes are $1.49 each.

14" boxes are $2.99 each.

Shipping on 1-2 boxes, Priority Mail $7.15

Shipping on 3-12 boxes, Priority Mail $13.60. 

For shipping quotes above 12 boxes, please email

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